Throughout history, events have been a crucial part of the lives of mankind. From religious gatherings to traditional festivities and from family functions to business get together – our lives are full of events some of which carry a deep significance for us while others are memorable and rewarding alike. Though we may not realize all the time but daily we are part of some event either as a participant or as an organizer.

Eventde is a platform that aims to address all the stakeholders of an event – be it the participants or the organizers themselves. At one side it makes it easy for event organizers to create and promote their events, solicit post-event feedback, and in an effective way engage the direct and indirect audiences of an event. For events participation aspirants, it provides a platform to never miss the experience of an event. It provides an easy-to-use interface to browse through the different happenings around town or what is going on globally in the events sphere. A person interested to find out how people are celebrating a national event or search and locate and event based on personal preferences and interest. The ultimate idea is to make the experiences rewarding and memorable while a chance to never miss an event that a person always passionately desired to attend.