How works for event’s organizers?

If you are an event organizer and want to create and promote your event – just simply go to ‘Create Event’, fill out the short-form regarding your event details and let the world know about your event. The category, location, and tags will help you reach out to the most suitable participants your event should have. Also, sharing about your newly created event on social media and emails is not a problem anymore and just with a simple click, you could be reaching out to the world.

Based on the details you fill in and user’s preferences, Eventde will be featuring your event to the most suitable audiences when they visit the website.

Note: Eventde strongly recommends that when you are creating an event, always select the most appropriate category and insert the relevant tags that shall best describe your event. Also use of good images is highly recommended as it always attracts more audiences.

How it works for events aspirants

For people who are always searching for the events that they always wanted to be a part of, Eventde is the platform that helps you browse for events based on your interests and preferences, location, organizer, and the topics that amuse you. You can find your desired events and also easily and quickly share with your friends and networks whom you want to take part in the event.

How much it costs to create and promote an event?

Creating and promoting an event is absolutely free! Yes, there are no charges to create or browse your desired event. The fun part is that if you are an event organizer, be assured that once you create an event and promote it within your social media circles, Eventde will also help you promote it by featuring it to the most suitable audience for your event.